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Dear Principals,

In the last five years I have worked with thirty-five principals at Primary, Post-Primary, Deis and Special Schools. I have also worked with ten school management teams during this time. This way of working together is both energising and transformative.

I am widely experienced as a coach, a teacher and high-performing musician. I use a variety of approaches including Neuroscience, Embodiment and Mindfulness.

Please get in touch and we can have an introductory conversation to see whether coaching is for you.

For more information about me:

  • check out my website: paulroecoaching.com
  • email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • phone me: 087 2393173

For information about CSL: www.cslireland.ie/


Paul Roe worked with our senior leadership and management team over a period of 2 years. Paul encouraged our team to celebrate our successes and strengths, to identify our challenges and our learning, and to reflect deeply and often. Our sessions with Paul offered us an oasis from a busy profession and a safe space within which we could be honest with ourselves and each other.
Paul’s approach is professional, calm and thoughtful. He has a natural capacity for deep listening, observation and analysis.
We highly recommend Paul as a coach.

-Diane Birnie, Principal, Ireland-

Some of the days were almost cathartic in that I was able to vent. I found though that the "venting" was actually productive as Paul usually started a conversation which steered me towards dealing with whatever had led to the "vent"!
It's probably the only thing I did last year which was aimed solely at myself, and for my own development and I couldn't recommend it strongly enough to any school leader.


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