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NQT Workshops for 2019/20 are Now Open for Booking

It is a Teaching Council registration requirement for all NQTs who have completed their initial teacher education since July 2012 to participate in the NIPT Workshop or Droichead Programme. NQTs have three years from their initial date of registration with the Teaching Council to complete the NIPT workshop programme. 
Blackrock Education Centre’s NIPT NQT workshop series will commence September 3th 2019.
Further information https://blackrockec.ie/cpd-courses/nipt-droichead.html


Droichead (bridge in Irish) is the enhanced model of induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). This will be the recognised route of induction for all new teachers from September 2018, subject to the required resources and supporting actions being in place.
Droichead has been designed in collaboration with the profession to reflect the importance of induction for new teachers as they are formally welcomed into the most important profession in society. It is grounded in the belief that those best placed to conduct this formal welcome are experienced colleagues who have relevant and in-depth knowledge of teaching and learning in their respective schools. 

From September 2019

PRIMARY 2019/2020 Droichead the route of induction for NQTs in SEN settings and in all primary schools with administrative principals.

POST PRIMARY 2019/2020 Droichead the route of induction for NQTs in SEN settings and in post-primary schools with 200 or more students

NQTs who are engaging in the Droichead process must attend one 2-hour cluster meeting per term for the duration of their Droichead process. All NQTs engaging in the Droichead process must attend Cluster Meeting 1 before attending Cluster 2 and 3.

The duration of each Individuals Droichead process is determined by their Professional Support team in their school.

Droichead Numbers: To date, in this academic year, 1580 Primary NQTs from 724 schools, 1194 Post- Primary NQTs from 443 schools have had their Droichead applications accepted.   Deferral Form: A Droichead Cluster Meeting Deferral Form should be used by NQTs who have failed to attend a cluster meeting in any term for any exceptional circumstance during their Droichead process. This form and further information is available on the NIPT website www.teacherinduction.ie   Form D: The closing date for receipt of Form D is Thursday, 20th June 2019 for Post-Primary NQTs and Tuesday 16th July 2019 for Primary NQTs.

NQT’s working in a Droichead school wishing to participate in the Droichead Process must register to do so after 01st September through the Teaching Council and complete the DR1 form.


The Droichead Process can only commence when the NQT receives the confirmation e-mail from the teaching Council and advises the PST (Professional Support Team) associated with their school. 

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