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20LC 04 004 - Nurture Groups Information Session - Blackrock

Nurture Ireland and Blackrock Education Centre


                                                Information Sessions


Nurture Groups and Nurturing Schools

These Information Sessions on Nurture Group Theory and Practice and Nurturing Schools are an introduction for school personnel to the theory behind Nurture Groups and how to engage in the practice of running a Nurture Group and being a Nurturing School. 

During these sessions, the following will be addressed:

  • • The practicalities of setting up and running a nurture group – early years, primary and secondary
    • An outline of up-to-date research in attachment theory and neuroscience
    • Nurture Groups and child development and learning
    • An introduction to the Boxall Profile and how it is used to refer children and young

  people, set targets and put in place practical strategies to address the challenges children have
• Linking to the curriculum
• Developing a whole-school nurturing approach - Nurturing Schools
• Monitoring and evaluation through a structured, evidence-based, planned approach

This Information Session will be of interest to those who wish to set up and run a nurture group or introduce nurture theory and practice across their whole school. It is also suitable for schools who want to adopt a more nurturing approach while working with children who have any, or all, of the following: social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, low self-confidence, low self-esteem, low resilience, attachment issues, self-regulation difficulties and/or self-expression difficulties.

Following the Information Session, participants will have the opportunity to enrol in a full 'Nurture Group Theory and Practice Course', in your local Education Centre, with an option for accreditation as a Nurture Group Practitioner (on submission of an assignment). We will also be offering a complete Nurturing Schools Programme for those wishing to look at nurture and wellbeing across their whole school.

Blackrock Education Centre  21st April 

Limerick Education Centre  10th March

West Cork Education Centre 12th March

Monaghan Education Centre 25th March

For further information visit www.blackrockec.ie 

or email director@blackrockec.ie  

Additional information from www.nurtureuk.org and www.boxallprofile.org

Course Details

Course Date 21-04-2020 1:00 pm
Course End Date 30-11-2014
Registration Start Date 06-03-2020
Cost Free
Speaker Dr. Susan Gibney
Number Hours 2
Location Blackrock Education Centre

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