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Sensory play has countless benefits including the development of gross and fine motor skills, supporting language development, problem solving skills and social interaction. This course will outline what sensory play is and why we use it with the children we work with. It will entail simple and innovative ways of using sensory play activities, that accommodate all of our sensory systems. We will focus on sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. There will be a huge focus on regulation - including breathing techniques, brain breaks, and fidget toys. Information will be provided on valuable resources and recipes that will make sensory play part of your daily routine.  There will be a discussion on physical sensory play - our proprioceptive, vestibular and interoceptive systems - with a focus on regulation, movement, rhythmic activities, messy play and the development of sensory trays.

This webinars are suitable for both teachers and special needs assistants.

Facilitator: Debbie Cullinane

Bio: Debbie Cullinane is based in Claremorris. She is a qualified play therapist and is currently completing a Masters in Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy with a specialisation in play. She has over ten years teaching experience in primary schools and also runs therapeutic workshops for both parents and children.

Course Date 17-05-2021 4:00 pm
Course End Date 17-05-2021 5:30 pm
Registration Start Date 19-04-2021 12:00 am
Registration fee / cost €7.50
Speaker Debbie Cullinane
Number Hours 1.5
Location Online

This webinar looks to provide teachers and SNAs with ideas, skills and strategies to help develop and promote positive mental health for children in the school setting. The webinar focusses on enabling teachers and SNA to help children develop health promoting skills such as positive problem solving and coping strategies to foster independent self -management and regulation.

This webinar will also look at strategies to help children manage and balance areas including self-care, productivity and leisure in their own lives.

Areas to be covered include:

· Self-awareness and regulation

· Self-esteem and self-image

· Breathing, stretching and meditation for children

· Balancing success vs struggle

· Incorporating growth mindset into school life

· Maintaining child life balance (Self-Care/ Productivity/ Leisure).


· Participants will have a greater understanding of the foundational aspects in working towards developing positive mental health.

· Participants will develop strategies and tools to help children develop independence in managing their own mental health

· Participants will have a greater understanding of the impact of ‘Growth Mindset’ on thinking and skills development.

· Participants will have gained knowledge of a number of practical and achievable mediation and breathing activities.

Course Date 25-05-2021 7:00 pm
Course End Date 25-05-2021 8:00 pm
Registration Start Date 19-04-2021 12:00 am
Registration fee / cost €5.00
Speaker Stephen Hodnett
Number Hours 1
Location Online

Six Bricks Introduction 26th & 27th May 7pm - 9pm

Six Bricks activities are short, simple exercises, many of which only take a couple of minutes to do. They are not a curriculum but they are designed to support all areas of development in the curriculum. They help to wake up a child’s brain and get them moving, thinking and remembering through playful learning.

Every child has a set of six bricks, one of each colour (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Light blue and dark blue). The teacher, professional or parent can then quickly and easily facilitate an activity at any time. Repetition brings about better organization of the brain and the secret of the success of these activities lies in their regular repetition which enables children to consolidate new knowledge. Six Bricks activities are in development all the time and there are now more than 300 activities supporting different areas of development.

In addition, Miriam O Donoghue has developed many resources and activity cards to support the programme. These are all made available to course participants

Online Course

This course, covers both SIX BRICKS Levels 1 and 2. Its takes place online on Zoom (Two x 2 hr sessions) and supports participants to familiarise themselves with the SIX BRICKS methodology and practice using SIX BRICKS across a range of activities designed to support a child’s development. Training is hands-on. Participants will need to carry out activities on a desk space beside their computers so it will be essential to have cameras and microphones on. For the best experience for everyone a laptop or PC will be required as participants need to be able to see each other and collaborate on various activities.

Course Materials

In order to fully participate in the online training registered participants will receive a set of SIX BRICKS, a SIX BRICKS laminated Activity Mat, some additional supporting materials plus electronic copies of the SIX BRICKS Activity Guides Levels 1 and 2, activity cards, call out activities and other SIX BRICKS related resources. The activity guides provide step by step details on how all of the activities are carried out, skills and developmental areas supported for each activity, teacher notes, and activity extensions and variations.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have completed your registration please email your postal address to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


This course is suitable for Primary Teachers, SEN staff, SNAs and Early Childhood Practitioners. Teachers up to and including 4th class would likely benefit most, however Six Bricks activities are very versatile and can be adapted and scaled up or down depending on the age and stage of the children you are working with.


Participants who complete the full training are eligible for SIX BRICKS Certification

You will be emailed a link to login to the webinar on the day of the event.  Please also check your Junk and Spam folders

Course Date 26-05-2021 7:00 pm
Course End Date 27-05-2021 9:00 pm
Registration Start Date 12-04-2021 12:00 am
Registration fee / cost €30.00
Speaker Miriam O'Donoghue
Number Hours 4

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