20LC 05 014 - Smart Nutrition for Teachers and Pupils an online course

Overview: A practical, informal and interactive nutrition-focused course designed for school teachers. Four Zoom tutorials (7-9pm) held over 4 Mondays from mid-May to mid-June; learning materials by email. Tutor: Richard Burton ( www.iinh.net ) plus 2 or 3 guest experts.

Purpose: Explore key issues around food, nutrition and health; provide trusted resources; discuss strategies and practical tips to help teachers boost health and resilience, as well as pupils’ wellbeing, performance and behaviour. Plenty of time devoted to Q&A.

Dates: Four Monday evenings (7-9pm): May 25, June 8, June 15, June 22, via Zoom.

Delivery: Learning materials in advance by email, with link to upcoming Zoom tutorial session. All tutorials recorded for later streaming/download. Questions in advance welcomed! Tutor: Richard Burton, founder & CEO, Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health Ltd (www.iinh.net)

Tutorial Session 1 May 25

· Updates and discussion around nutrition and health - latest science, issues - including Covid -trends, controversies: vegan, flexitarian, low-carb/keto, paleo, ultra-processed foods, etc.

· Combatting stress and the ‘downward spiral’ with diet & lifestyle adjustments.

Tutorial 2 June 8

· Building resilience – tips for teachers to sustain energy levels and concentration, and optimise resistance to Coronavirus and other infections.

· Smarter weight control – 97% of weight loss attempts fail, so what does work?

· Childhood obesity – current situation and successful initiatives from around the world.

· Guest expert* Mindful self-compassion – why so vital, techniques, practical tips *Julia Sweetman https://mindfulselfcompassionuk.com/teachers/julia-sweetman/

Tutorial 3 June 15

· Allergies and intolerances – the alarming rise among children and how to understand and manage it at school.

· The blood sugar rollercoaster. How foods and drinks high in sugar and refined carbs cause kids to ‘crash’ in class. Practical options to avoid/minimize this.

· The developing brain – how nutrient-poor diets affect development, attention, learning, behaviour, etc.

Tutorial 4 June 22

· Guest expert* – practical ways to engage kids successfully with healthier food and drink options. *Deirdre Doyle, founder of www.thecoolfoodschool.ie

· Smart options for both teachers and kids - meals, snacks, drinks, lunch boxes, eating intervals, etc. Recipes, meal planning, batch cooking, reading labels, ‘better brands’, etc.

· Adult education - ideas, strategies, resources and tips for working with parents and colleagues around smarter food and drink choices.

Course Details

Course Date 25-05-2020 7:00 pm
Course End Date 22-06-2020 9:00 pm
Cost Free
Speaker Richard Burton
Number Hours 8

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