Summer Course - 19LC 07 019 Ceramics for Well Being in the NCAD.

  • explore, extrapolate and integrate Well Being and Literacy and Numeracy in Visual Art particularly through the media, content and techniques utilized in Ceramics;
  • use Ceramics to develop, define, refine, expand and present Well Being and Literacy and Numeracy themes.
  • use Ceramics as a stimulus for Creativity and Well Being both individually and with their students;
  • experience the properties of the ceramic materials and to build on this experience to design and create ceramic objects of visual quality and function;
  • gain an understanding of the place of craftspeople and ceramic objects in everyday life;
  • understand the underlying principles of pinch, coil and slab ceramic building techniques and decorative techniques;
  • give a personal response to an idea, experience or other stimulus through clay;
  • use and understand the art and design elements in ceramic work;
  • use a variety of ceramic materials, media, tools and equipment;
  • use an appropriate working vocabulary;
  • understand relative scientific, mathematical and technological aspects of ceramics;
  • work from observation and curiosity, individually and in groups;
  • appraise and evaluate his/her own work in progress and on completion;
  • to develop good workshop practice regard to the use of tools, materials and craft space,
  • utilise various evaluation and assessment strategies;
  • develop a scheme of work in ceramics that incorporates visual literacy, numeracy, literacy and oracy and wellbeing that can be applied in a classroom setting;
  • develop pedagogical skills in the area of cross-curricular learning;
  • explore the possibilities presented by ceramics to facilitate well being, expression and to stimulate and motivate students;
  • feel confident in their own abilities to adapt to and develop ideas for the integration of Literacy and Numeracy and Well Being in the classroom through Ceramics;
  • use ICT in the classroom (PowerPoint/YouTube/Video clip etc.) to introduce pupils to a variety of historical and contemporary ceramic artists and/or ceramic processes;
  • research online and use new Ceramic Support Study artists/craftspeople with their classes;
  • develop problem solving and risk taking skills using Ceramics that can be utilized in the classroom;
  • develop communication and critical thinking skills through the use of a variety of evaluation techniques.

Course Details

Course Date 08-07-2019 9:50 am
Course End Date 12-07-2019 2:30 pm
Registration Start Date 03-05-2019 7:00 am
Cut off date 30-06-2019
Cost €65.00
Number Hours 20
Location NCAD
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