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FíS Storyboard Storytelling Competition

A Chairde,

Today would have marked the 20th year of the Annual FíS Awards in the Helix Theatre in DCU. While COVID-19 has impacted on the celebrations for this year we were eager for the film making process to continue to be supported in classrooms. To this end, primary schools around Ireland are being invited to take part in the FÍS Storyboard Storytelling Competition. Here, whole classes or groups/pods within a class can create a joint three-page A4 or A3 storyboard, constructing their story around one of the suggested themes below or they can get creative and come up with their very own story to visually represent.

The suggested storyboard themes include:

  • Covid related – ‘2020 a-year-of-change’ 
  • Everyday heroes, e.g. a day-in-the-life of someone in your community who supports others 
  • Staycation- promoting your locality and all it has to offer
  • Local History / Folklore (suggested supporting resource duchas.ie
  • Scéalta as Gaeilge 
  • Curriculum relevant topics, e.g. environmental exploration, climate change, history, science, etc. 
  • Well being, eg. Internet safety, anti-bullying, digital citizenship
  • Time capsule, e.g. school of the future, letters to grandchildren, a snapshot of time 
  • An adaptation of a traditional story/fairytale with a modern-day twist 
  • FÍS film making in schools – what would that be like in the future? 
  • The pupils' own original story

I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of your schools through social or other media. All the necessary details are on the attached posted and further details are available on the project website, www.fisfilmproject.ie

Warm regards

Anthony Kilcoyne

Deputy Director 

Digital Technologies


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