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Izak9: Two workshops using IZAK9 to problem solve

Izak9Izak9's use nurtures effective delivery of the skills of the maths curriculum for teachers. Problem solving, reasoning, integrating and connecting opportunities permeate naturally in a shared learning environment much loved by children.

This series of two workshops is suitable for current users as well as those considering introducing Izak9 to their school.  It is also open to both primary and post-primary teachers.

Workshop 1 - 24th September 4.30pm - 6.00pm

  • Introduction to the concepts underpinning IZAK9
  • Starting IZAK9 in your Classroom
  • Exploration of key tasks and approaches
  • Problem-solving with IZAK9

Workshop 2 - 4th November 4.30pm - 6.00pm

  • Further exploring key tasks and approaches.
  • Developing IZAK9 as a collaborative resource in your school
  • Devising tasks and challenges to personalize the learning
  • IZAK9 and SEN

If you haven't heard of Izak9 before please go to www.izak9.com to learn more about it.

Registration fee: €15

For bookings please click here.

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