Write a book Project 2020

books DaliWelcome to the 35th year of the Write a book Project!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Project may I suggest you have a look at our website www.writeabookproject.ie  In there you will be able to find information and history of WAB.  If you, then, decide to participate in the Project you can come to a workshop on Thursday 17th October from four to six, that will introduce you to the Write a book Project and how you can approach it with your class.  It will include  handy tips on how to structure the WAB process with your class, some helpful themes and ideas and a short session on binding, covering and making the books that your pupils will create.  For bookings please click here.

As in the past two years, we are hoping to print again the chosen merits of sixth classes.  Copies of 2018 (at €5) and 2019 (at €10) books are still available – you can buy them online or here, in the Centre (for more than five copies please call Cristina on (01) 236 5013 or choose BEC Publishing from our main telephone number).

If you decide to participate please register no later than Friday 6th December. You can download the form from this link.  Once you’re registered I will send you reminders and further updates on the Project. 

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