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Digital Learning Framework - Post Primary  (21/10/19)

digitalPlease note: This seminar day is for Post-Primary Principals and one other nominated teacher

The purpose of this seminar is to support and inform school leaders and digital learning teams in applying the new Digital Learning Framework to embed digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment.

 The seminar will:

  • ●empower and enable school leaders and digital learning teams to effectively embed the use of digital technologies in schools, emphasising a constructivist pedagogical orientation.
  • ●explore, through the use of the six step process and the sharing of good practice, how the DLF can support the embedding of digital technologies in the school context.
  • ●raise awareness of the supports PDST and PDST Technology in Education can offer in embedding digital technologies in teaching, learning and assessment

Monday 21st October, 9.30am - 3.30pm.  For bookings please click here

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Sensory Food Education for Teachers (Primary, 17/10/19)

cool foodDeirdre Doyle, from The Cool Food School, is a mum of three and a Health Coach. She has brought her fun, interactive, healthy eating workshops to thousands of children since setting up last year both in preschools, schools and at events like Bloom, Taste of Dublin and the Festival of Food in Airfield Estate, Dundrum. She has been chosen as an Ambassador for the upcoming international chefs symposium, Food on the Edge, because of the work she is doing in food education for children.

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Write a book Project 2020

books DaliWelcome to the 35th year of the Write a book Project!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Project may I suggest you have a look at our website www.writeabookproject.ie  In there you will be able to find information and history of WAB.  If you, then, decide to participate in the Project you can come to a workshop on Thursday 17th October from four to six, that will introduce you to the Write a book Project and how you can approach it with your class.  It will include  handy tips on how to structure the WAB process with your class, some helpful themes and ideas and a short session on binding, covering and making the books that your pupils will create.  For bookings please click here.

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PDST (Post Primary) HRA - Using Fitness Monitoring in PE (14/10/19)

pdst logoThis workshop will examine the role fitness monitoring plays in both junior and senior cycle PE. Health and performance related fitness components will be explored practically through a battery of fitness tests. A discussion around the testing protocols and other key considerations will form the remainder of the workshop.

Date for schools in Blackrock Education Centre's catchment area is Monday 14th October from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.  The venue is Oatlands College, Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin.

Booking through PDST - click here.

Reading Ulysses with Seamus Cannon

ulysses MM

You may have heard of the Reading Ulysses course that we have successfully run in Blackrock Education Centre before.  Well, we are delighted to announce that Dr Seamus Cannon has offered to guide us in the long-life adventure that is to discover what has been described by many critics as ‘one of the greatest novels ever written’ (if not the greatest!!!)

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