National Induction Programme for Teachers

Key Points:

  1. All NQTs can register for the NIPT workshop programme, whether in employment or not, with their local full-time education centre.
  2. All course participants must have a valid Teaching Council number before attending courses.
  3. The series of workshops is offered in each of the 21 full-time education centres as well as some part-time Centres throughout the country.  Participants may complete the programme by doing workshops in more than one education centre.
  4. In response to a demand for increased flexibility and choice regarding this CPD, the NIPT has developed the following model for the academic year 2016-2017. It is comprised of the following possible elements: Evening Workshops, Day-time Workshops and School-based support.
  5.  Evening workshops run throughout the year in Education Centres. NQTs can satisfy the registration requirement of the Teaching Council by attending 10 of these 2-hour evening workshops. 
  6. Day-time Workshops will vary in each Education centre. In Blackrock Education Centre they will consists of two cross-sectoral workshops, Child Protection and Safety (CS) and Inclusion (CS) which will be held on a non-teaching day, usually a Saturday, at local Education Centre level.  They will be offered on Saturday 15th October 2016 and Saturday 21st January 2017.  Additional workshops may be held on a non –teaching day depending on demand.  These days are optional and NQTs may choose to attend one or both of the 2-hour workshops, thereby accumulating 2 or 4 hours of the required 20 hours.
  7. School-Based Professional Development only applies to NQTs who are in a school participating in Droichead 2016-2017, or in a school with an NIPT trained mentor
  8. Each workshop will be available for a two week period throughout the country and will not be offered again this academic year. 
  9. Participants who arrive late for workshops will be allowed to attend but cannot receive credit for that workshop.

Booking Courses in Blackrock Education Centre
Key Points

  1. Each workshop will be offered by Blackrock Education Centre six times this year.
  2. Most workshops will be delivered in Blackrock Education Centre.  Some will be delivered in Bray.
  3. If there are insufficient bookings seven days beforehand, we reserve the right to cancel that workshop.  Those registered will be offered alternative arrangements.
  4. You may book any one -  or all - of your workshops with Blackrock Education Centre.   To ensure places are available to all NQT’s we request that you do not book more than one of the same workshop.
  5. Before booking your first course you must register on the Blackrock Education Centre website.  This is free and only takes a few minutes.
  6. NQTs must book online each individual workshop at a time that suits them best.
  7. If a preferred workshop is  full, you may enter a waiting list.  If a place becomes available, all on the waiting list are informed and the place is allocated on a first-to-register-online basis
  8. If unable to attend a workshop, NQTs are expected to cancel their booking immediately online – thus freeing the place for those on the waiting list.
  9. Those failing to cancel may be subject to sanctions.
  10. NQTs attending a workshop for which they have not registered may not be accredited for that workshop

Useful Links:
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