How do I become a Local Facilitator or Associate?
Teachers may nominate themselves as a Local Facilitator.  The relevant support service will be able to provide the self-nomination forms.
Associate positions are advertised as required, with positions attained through an interview process.
Can I work for more than one Support Service?
While you can certainly work for multiple services, please be aware that the limit of 20 days work per Associate or 3 days per Local Facilitator will have to be shared between the services.
 Please be aware it is your responsibility to advise the various services you wish to work for in advance so they are aware of the number of days allocated to each service.
How often will I have to complete my Agreement of Work and Board of Management release form?
These forms are annual, running from the 1st September to the 31st August.  They must be renewed each academic year.
Forms are sent by e-mail if you have not received an e-mail please check your spam/junk mail as they can occasionally be misdirected because of attachments.
Which Education Centre should I nominate as my base?
The education centre nearest to your home address should be nominated as your base education centre.
My Board of Management have not yet formed.  What can I do?
If your Board of Management has not yet formed, we can hold your Agreement of Work and claims here in ALFA until such time as your Board of Management has sat and approved your release days.
When will I be paid?
ALFA runs a payroll every second Friday.  Only claims that have been approved by your support service will be processed.  Approval methods vary between support services, please check with your support service for further details.
How will I be paid?
All ALFA payments are made by EFT.  You must supply your bank details, PPS number and PRSI class in order to be registered on the payroll.
How do I get a claim form?
Claim forms for each academic year are sent with your Agreement and BOM release form by email.  If you delete it in error, please contact us for another copy.
Alison McDonald (PDST, NIPT Associates)- (01) 2365026/
Eithne Woods (JCT, NBSS, NIPT Local Facilitators, Project Maths, SESS)- (01) 2365023