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Blackrock Education Centre will be closed from 5.00 pm on Friday, 21st July, 2017 until 8.30 am on Monday, 14th August, 2017.
The Centre has had a very busy 2016/17 and we are looking forward to the year ahead with great interest.  We hope we can continue to provide services and support to the local Education Community with the help of the many contributors to our work.

It was a great honour for Blackrock Education Centre to host Minister of State for Higher Education, Ms Mary Mitchell O'Connor, TD, to officially launch TEST2r on Friday, 16th June, 2017.
The creator of TEST2r, Dr Pauline Cogan, was given deserved accolades for her work and she spoke of the difference this will make to future generations of children in our schools.
TEST2r is a comprehensive assessment tool used to screen and assess the emergent literacy skills which a 5 – 6 year old child should have acquired.  It is an objective measure of a child’s performance based on all of the theories of why children fail to learn. TEST2r...

Blackrock Education Centre is providing a selection of online courses for this Summer that will qualify all Primary Teachers with 3 EPV days when finished. To view all of the online courses please click here.

We are pleased to say that we will be going live with our Summer Courses on Friday 5th May from 5.00pm - 5.30pm.  Booking will be online only by logging in to your account on this site. Fees, if applicable, can be paid online using credit card. Carvery lunch and free parking provided to participants attending Blackrock Education Centre.


17LC 07 001 - Summer Course: Aistear – Play, Literacy and Numeracy (Infants)

Summer Course (DES Rule 58)



17LC 07 002 - Summer Course: Aistear – Play, Literacy and Numeracy (Infants)

Summer Course (DES Rule 58)...