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Please find below and attached, information regarding Schools Excellence Fund: Creative Clusters
You are invited to apply and please note the extension of deadline for applications.
Schools Excellence Fund - Creative Clusters
Guidelines 2018
Creative Clusters is a pilot initiative of the Department of Education and Skills, led by and in partnership with the 21 full-time Teacher Education Centres (ATECI) and funded through the Schools Excellence Fund - Creative Clusters Initiative.
Creative Clusters is an important initiative of Creative Youth - A Plan to Enable the Creative Potential of Every Child and Young Person, which was published in December 2017 as part of the Creative Ireland Programme. The Creative Youth Plan...

Our Summer Courses will be open for booking today 4th May 2018 from 5.00pm. Bookings are by Credit/Debit Card Only. Please ensure your log in details are correct.


 Apr 26



Day 2, Cohort 2 of our Nurture Group Theory and Practice Training Neuroscience, Attachment Theory...

Date: 10th March 2018
The Arts in Education Portal is going on tour!
In 2018, we invite regional audiences to connect with us during a series of regional events, where practitioners can learn more about the Portal and what it offers, tell us about their work, connect with the community at regional level, share practice and find out what opportunities or events are available in their local area.
The first of these distinct events will be held in The Glucksman, Cork on Saturday 10th March, 2018. We welcome teachers, artists, arts managers and anyone with an interest in arts in education to join us for this free event.
To book...